The Challenge

When users shop for their flights they also want to preview/select their seats. Because of the growing trend of users shopping on their mobile devices, we needed to redesign our seat map so they could make their seat selections from their anywhere. They simply could not perform this task from a mobile device.

My Role

  • Leading the creation of user flows and wireframes
  • Building coded prototypes to explain design intentions
  • Presenting UX recommendations to directors and stakeholders
  • Working with engineers to ensure quality implementation of visual and interaction designs

Design Process

Right away, we knew having a horizontal seat map could pose risks because of the lack of scanning seats. With such narrow viewports we saw users were wanting a vertical seat map so they could see as many available seats without scrolling on their devices.

The Results

Our final recommendation was to create a vertical seat map. One of the biggest challenges was to make sure this seat map was accessible therefore we couldn't just purely rely on color to signify available/unavailable seats, exit rows, and even seat upgrades. By incorporating shapes into our design we were able to recommend a product that could satisfy all user needs of all abilities.