The Challenge

At Expedia there are millions of users who search for flights each day and because of our user's growing preference to shop from their mobile devices we knew it was time to redesign our shopping path in order to accommadate the growing trend.

My Role

  • Collaborated with research to assess customer pain points and opportunities
  • Leading the creation of user flows, information architecture, and wireframes
  • Building coded prototypes to explain design intentions
  • Presenting UX recommendations to directors and stakeholders
  • Working with engineers to ensure quality implementation of visual and interaction designs

Design Process

We asked our research team to work with us to find out the information our users wanted to see. Through various research methods such as and putting our current version of the site in our research lab, we found out there were six main pieces of information our users wanted to see:

  1. Price
  2. Departure time
  3. Arrival time
  4. Duration of the flight
  5. Layovers
  6. Airlines

Knowing the above information, along with our competitor teardowns, we were now able to begin designing...

The Results

Our final recommendation was to slim the entire flight listing so users had the ability to compare other flights, especially at mobile. We placed importance on scanability. From our studies we saw that users wanted to quickly scan through the list of flights in order to select the flight that was best for them.

The business analytics showed our work produced a +31% conversation rate.