The Challenge

When our site was built, it was built desktop down. As a result, components of the site were built to scale down instead of scale from mobile up. One of our patterns which was built this way was our filters pattern. This pattern is used throughout our site and having a bad mobile experience was hurting our business.

My Role

  • Collaborated with research to assess customer pain points and opportunities
  • Leading the creation wireframes
  • Building coded prototypes to explain design intentions
  • Presenting UX recommendations to directors and stakeholders
  • Working with engineers to ensure quality implementation of visual and interaction designs
  • Leading and mentoring a team of UX designers in redesigning our filters pattern while meeting all deadlines.

Design Process

I was asked to lead a group of UX designers as we explored options to redesign our filters pattern. We did extensive research and competitive teardowns to help inform our decisions moving forward such as behaviors of opening/closing the filters, content choices, and playback for the user when they do select a filter.

The Results

Our final recommendation was to create a filters pattern that would slide in from off-canvas over existing content. The thinking was to bring focuse to our filters instead of just pushing content to the side. This would still allow distractions to happen, but if we overlayed the existing content with the new filters pattern it would keep the user focused.